Magic Mushroom Assisted Retreats in Bali
Journey Within, Transform Without
Unleash Your Inner Potential and Heal Your Soul: Experience True Transformation at MUTUALIZM Retreat Center

Embark on an exciting journey into the magical world of psilocybin.

Our retreats offer a unique opportunity to explore consciousness and the depths of your inner world under the guidance of experienced facilitators. We create a safe and supportive environment where every participant can freely and comfortably explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

The program includes sessions of psilocybin journeys, group and individual discussion sessions, meditation, creative practices, and relaxation on the beautiful beaches of Bali.

Join us and discover new horizons of consciousness, healing, and growth at our retreat in Bali. Start your journey to deep understanding of yourself and the world around you today!

What will be your transformation after the retreat?

Personal rebirth

-Liberation from fears, limitations, and blocking beliefs.

-Restoration of connection with your soul and body, exclusive techniques for finding yourself.

-Realization of your purpose and plan for further movement according to your calling.

-You will find your mission and the meaning of life.

-You will understand which people need to be removed from your life and who takes away your life force.

-You will realize your value and be able to build harmonious relationships.

Financial potential
Magic mushrooms are an accelerator in the field of financial and personal growth. To make it clearer, just as bodybuilders take doping to accelerate muscle growth, mushrooms accelerate your thinking and scale you and your financial potential:
They free you from basic limitations and blocks that prevent you from achieving wealth: fear of losing your business, fear of running out of money, uncertainty about tomorrow, distrust of business partners, all financial blocks are removed.
You gain an understanding of which business to engage in and what will bring you maximum profit and abundance.
Youth, beauty, and health.

After mushroom retreats, people rejuvenate by 5-10 years, their mental and emotional health is restored, their nervous and limbic systems are completely reset, inexplicable pains in the neck and joints disappear, swelling subsides, ulcers, gastritis, and various intestinal problems disappear, people get rid of chronic obesity, vision and hearing stabilize, etc.
You will permanently get rid of pills, antidepressants, and dependencies.
Your libido will be unleashed and your sexual potential will be enhanced, making you very attractive to the opposite sex.
  • 99.9% of our clients report to us that their sexual function improves and impotence and menopause are healed. The body completely readjusts all hormones and miraculous healing occurs.

"It was one of the most significant experiences in my life"

Alex Larins
Art director
"An amazing journey into the depths of the subconscious. Most likely, the results of this experience can be described as personal evolution."
Samuel Willson
Graphic designer
"The psilocybin trip was a life-altering experience. I feel like I've gained a deeper insight into myself and my purpose. It's as if I've been given a new perspective on life."
Sarah Lewin

Mathematic teacher

How the retreat goes:

Day 1 - check-in to a private villa, acquaintance. Master class on psilocybin trips. Massage. Relaxation

Day 2 - Individual consultation with each participant, nature walk, massage, meditation, first orientation ceremony

Day 3 - Massage, meditation, nature walk, second ceremony

Day 4 - Massage, meditation, nature walk, third ceremony

Day 5 - Final integration of 3 days of ceremony, plan for a new life, massage, nature walk.

Day 6 - departure, transfer to the airport

We recommend staying and relaxing in Bali after the retreat for at least 3-4 days.

Price list

Group retreat up to 8 persons: $3500(USA) per person,

Private retreat per two persons (pair, friends, relatives) - 9800$ - (4900$ per person)

Individual retreat (one privat client) are discussed individually. The possibility of holding them anywhere in the world is available upon the client's request.

The prices includes:

-accommodation in a private villa in Bali

-plant-based nutrition

-three mushroom ceremonies



-transfers to the airport

-online support after the retreat

We can also offer for an additional fee: a translator, a nanny for children and any additional needs you may have. Discussed individually.

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